Capture your big day in motion.

Why choose Adam Beach Photography? Because we promise to work our absolute hardest to capture the story of your wedding day in the highest quality video and audio. This isn't uncle Joe with a camcorder. This is a priceless motion-feature film that your family will cherish for generations to come.

What is the final product?

There are all sorts of wedding packages available out there. Over the years we've found that most couples are looking for four things in their final product. Below you will find an example and description of these four videos you will receive if you choose our cinematic video coverage.

1. A Highlight Video

This is by far the most exciting aspect of our video package. Our videographer edits all the footage down into a 5-8 minute highlight video. The combination of breath-taking shots and voiceovers from the ceremony are 99% guaranteed to make you cry. Finally, our videographer hand-picks the finest licensed music to make it even more amazing. This video will be hosted online so you can easily share it with family and friends via social media or email.

2. A Ceremony Video

We hate boring ceremony videos. That's why we record our ceremonies with at least 3+ angles. Depending on the venue we use GoPro's to get some really cool shots from perspectives that would be extremely awkward for our videographer to capture.

3. Toasts Video

So you can forever remember that embarrassing story your best man or maid of honor told during their toast.

4. Additional Reception Footage

All the other footage that does doesn't make it into any of the other three videos. Candids of your guests, the whole first dance, the whole cake cutting, ect.

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Meet Jake.

Based in Littleton, CO, Jake is our videographer extraordinaire who directs the whole filming process from shooting to editing. He's has all the latest and greatest video gear and has a passion for capturing your wedding day in breath-taking motion picture.

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