Our Philosophy...

The language of our age is the image. We speak to each other about life in images. On your wedding day we seek to capture the raw, authentic moments that you will want to remember forever. We see the day as a many-layered story unfolding in tiny details and candid moments on up to the landscape of the scene.

What we do on your wedding day...

1. Getting Ready

We love this part of the day--real, raw emotion. The transformation that occurs. Think of this part of the day beyond literally getting on your dress and straightening your tie. It's the hors d'oeuvre--the gathering of ones you love as you get ready for one of the most important days of your life. In short, extraordinary things happen here: 


2. Creative Portraiture

There is so much ado about something in a wedding day. The planning. The extraordinary gathering of people you love from the varied corners of your life experience. And at the center you and the one you love joining in life-together. At the center of all this is...well...you two in all your shining glory. We LOVE capturing this. You and the one you love on your wedding day in the best way we can possibly imagine. Let's put our heads together and imagine how we can craft images that truly speak you to you...two...on your wedding day: 

3. Ceremony

The energy peaks and you tie the knot. My wife and I are still moved, honored to be a part of this moment in your lives. The beauty and joy of these moments speak for themselves:

4. Family + Friends

This is one of those wonderful and odd days in which the sum total of people you love and who love you (and crazy uncle Fred) come together to celebrate with you. Capturing you with your friends in family in fun and formal ways is a great way to remember the wonderful mashup of people that gather onyour wedding day:

5. Reception

The food. The dancing. The joy of people that have gathered specifically because the love you. Receptions are fun. Receptions are full of candid moments you may not see but don't want to forget. From the first toast to the final dance, we want to be there:

A la Carte Coverage and Goodies:

2hr, on location Engagement session yielding at least 200 edits - $300

Up to 4hr, Proposal/engagement session package - $600

Lay-flat, leather bound album commemorating your wedding day - $7/pg = Basic $11/pg = Premium (minimum 20pgs)

Additional boutique-packaged photographic digital edits deliverable to friends/family - $50/additional flash drive

All raw images and edits pre-loaded to an external hard-drive - $300



Brittany B.


Brittany T.


Meet Us.

Based in Englewood, CO, we (Adam and Brittany) approached photography through photojournalism, have learned creative portraiture and lifestyle photography. In the end, what keeps us working is our fascination with human stories. The more we shoot the more filled with wonder we are. Brittany Tucker brings a fresh, creative eye to the process. 

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Fill out form below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss your vision for your wedding day and answer any questions you may have. If your in the Denver area he would love to meet over coffee or beer. More on our process/philosophy here.

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